Speaker Interviews

Vaughan Harris

Executive Director, BIM Institute, South Africa

   Africa must adopt BIM to be more productive and as an important first step toward the digitalization of the industry, but it will only happen if all players in the value chain act and collaborate. Companies can act individually but should team up on industry-wide efforts through existing associations, new initiatives and other partnerships.   

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Mairura Omwenga

Chairman, Town and County Planners Association of Kenya (TCPAK)

   This conference will be extremely useful for local participants to benchmark with the best in the world. The international investors will also have opportunity to identify areas of investment and collaboration with locals   

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George Arabbu

Architechs Chapter Registrar Architectural Association of Kenya || Part-time Lecturer Nairobi Institute of Technology, Kenya

   Digital information has helped grow the industry through easy doing the business of construction. Improvements are necessary in the uptake and trust in the systems over manual executions.   

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Technical Principal,
Urban Development, SMEC
South Africa

   The presentation will highlight the lesson’s learned from our experience on large and small projects in Africa and in Australia. We will also share our view of where digital solutions can be developed to assist in the managing of projects.   

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Chairman, Association of Construction Managers of Kenya (ACMK) Kenya

   The understanding of how BIM works would be an invaluable information to our built environment. Very few know what it is leave alone how it works.   

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Board Treasurer & Chair of Finance Committee, Kenya Green Building Society, Director- iJenga, Managing Director - Urban Nirvana Property Solutions, Kenya

   Mechanical & electrical expertise and building management are weak links in the building sector. This conference will make transparent the opportunities to revolutionise the sector, create collaborations, and unearth opportunities to prove them out. I expect the networking opportunities with thought leaders in this space to be priceless.   

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Head of Projects, DMI Group, Kenya

   n. People will see how things can be done differently and in more efficient way. They’ll see that by using these innovative approaches they can save time and money and simultaneously boost quality. Thus getting the competitive advantage against those who do not attend and keep doing things the old fashioned way.    

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